Embassy of Belgium in Uganda


New procedure

When you apply, you will have to provide 4 types of information which will be integrated into the passport:

  1. Your identity and nationality
  2. The prints of 2 of your fingers, priority being given to the forefingers (as of age 12)
  3. A photograph, that will be taken on site (as of age 6)
  4. Your digital signature, that will be taken on site

The process for inputting biometric data is very fast. It takes just a few minutes to take your photo and fingerprints.

Your photo taken on site

You no longer have to bring a photo to apply for a passport. Our embassies and consulates are gradually being provided with the necessary equipment, at no extra cost for you.

The photo is taken directly at the embassy or consulate so that it meets stricter international criteria than previously. To give you an idea, only 39% of photos currently brought along for use in passports meet these standards.


Children under the age of six do not have to be present in person to apply.  

As of age 6, they are expected to be present in order to be photographed and to sign their passports.