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  1. Where, when and how can you submit your visa application?
  2. How much is the handling fee (cost for processing your visa application)?
  3. Required documents
  4. Checking the status of your visa application
  5. Schengen representation for visa
  6. Medical certificate - Certified doctors (not applicable for short stay Schengen visas)
  7. Certificate of non-criminal record (not applicable for short stay Schengen visas)
  8. Contact
  9. DNA blood sample collection fee (Kampala)

1. Where, when and how can you submit a visa application?

Visa applications are handled at the visa section in Rwenzori Towers - Nakasero Road plot 6, Wing B 6th floor.


 In order to ensure the introduction of your file during your visit the Belgian Embassy in Kampala, we invite you to fill in your visa application form online.

The type of appointment you ask for has to correspond with your real application purpose. People who request a long term family reunion visa but wrongly book for a short term visa or other consular services will see their appointment cancelled.


How to proceed ?

1. Go to the following website: https://visaonweb.diplomatie.be

2. Create a user account by completing all the fields (first name, last name, email), choose the language of your choice, tick the box 'I am not a robot' and follow the instructions;

3. Choose a password (and confirm it) to access this secure site;

4. Once the user account is created and the password confirmed, log in to navigate this secure site (which starts with a screen and a welcome note);

5. Check the left column (in the black margin) and click on the third icon;

6. By clicking on the third icon, you will have the choice between 'Requests', 'New request' and 'Request list', click on 'New request';

7. By clicking on 'New application', the online visa application form (which corresponds to the paper form) appears;

8. Fill out the online form, making sure to fill in all the fields (including those marked with an asterisk) and clicking on the question mark if you do not understand the scope of the field to be completed.

9. When the form is completed, click on 'submit application';

10. If the form is incorrectly completed, an explanation at the top of the form will draw your attention to incomplete or incomplete entries that you will need to fill in again; Once the corrections have been made, please resubmit the application;

11. When the application has been submitted you will receive a pdf form with a barcode and VOW number on it (VOWINT0 ... 111") by email. Please print the completed form and sign it. This form must then be added to the visa application file that you will submit at the embassy. You will need to make an appointment via https://appointment.diplomatie.be for this. Note that it is imperative that you come personally to the embassy to complete your visa application and submit biometric data. The type of visa you ask has to correspond with your real purpose. People who demand a short term visa but intend to ask for a family reunion will see their appointment cancelled.

On the day of the appointment, please provide the following documents / elements:

  • the printed visa application form,
  • a complete file as mentioned in the requirements here,
  • the visa fee payable only in Uganda shillings at the visa counter (As the tariffs may change regularly we encourage you to contact us on visa.kampala@diplobel.fed.be for the most current fees in Uganda shillings)

2. How much is the handling fee (cost for processing your visa application)?

The handling fee has to be is paid in cash, in Uganda shillings at the embassy when depositing the application.

The handling fee for a short term stay visa (C) is the equivalent of 60€, for a long term stay visa (D) it is the equivalent of 180€.

As the tariffs may change regularly we encourage you to contact us on visa.kampala@diplobel.fed.be for the current fees in Uganda shillings.

The handling fee is not refundable in case of refusal or cancellation of the application.

An additional contribution is required for the processing of certain visa D applications, in which case you will be requested to submit a proof of payment of this additional contribution as a part of your visa application. If you are unable to do so at the time of the submission of your application, the application will  be considered inadmissible.

Please note that the handling fee, is to be paid at the time of the application. In case the applicant is exempt from paying the handling fee, he or she is not automatically exempted from paying the additional contribution. For more information about this, we refer you to the Immigration Office website.

3. Required documents

You will find all conditions on the FPS Home Affairs Immigration Office website, the only competent authority for the admittance, stay, residence and removal of foreigners.

For specific enquires we encourage you to contact us on visa.kampala@diplobel.fed.be.

Short stay visa (= max. 90 days)

Immigration Office website.

You can also download the list from here.

Biometry - Visa Information System

All Schengen visa applicants must appear in person, except for children younger than 12,  to have their 10 fingerprints and their photograph registered. These data are stored for 5 years in the VIS. The fingerprint registration procedure only takes a few minutes and identifies you with certainty as the sole licensee of the visa. It protects you against falsification or abuse of your identity (for instance, if your passport is stolen) and optimizes the border crossing. For more extensive information, we refer you to the European Union website.

Long stay visa (= more than 90 days)

See Immigration Office.

Medical travel insurance: see this document.

The registration of biometric data (fingerprints and photo) is compulsory for all student visa applications.

There are 2 categories of students that are exempt from the registration of  biometric data:

  • Students with a Scholarship from the Belgian state
  • Students that participate in an exchange programme or that have access to the inter-university mobility programme.

Legalisation of documents

4. Checking the status of your visa application  

Belgian embassies and consulates general must submit certain visa applications to the Immigration Office of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs for a final decision. It is the only competent authority with regards to the admittance, stay, residence and removal of foreigners from Belgian territory.

In such a case, your file number will be communicated to you by the embassy or consulate general upon the submission of your file to the Immigration Office. From this stage onwards, the Immigration Office is the only authority to contact, if you wish to know the status of your application.

With the file number you can inquire about the status of your application (Antwerpsesteenweg 59B, 1000 Brussels, T: +32.2.793.80.00, infodesk@ibz.fgov.be). Using this number, you can also check the status of your visa application on the Immigration Office website.

Once a decision has been taken, the Belgian Embassy or Consulate general will inform you personally.

5. Schengen representation

Belgium represents Luxembourg for handling short stay visa applications (max. 90 days) and long stay visa applications (more than 90 days).

We accept visa applications from residents and citizens of South Sudan if their main destination is Belgium or Luxembourg.

6. Medical certificate - Certified doctors

You may obtain your medical certificate via the clinic mentioned below certified by the embassy:

The Clinic at the The Village Mall - Bugolobi

9.00AM to 6.30 PM –Monday-Friday
9.00AM to 2.30 PM –Saturday

Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema M.D
Executive Director & Physician

Cell: +256 775 386 205
Office: +256 392 177283


7. Certificate of non-criminal record  

National Central Bureau of Interpol Kampala
Plot 12 Mabua Road – Kololo


8. Contact

Should you still have questions, please contact us via visa.kampala@diplobel.fed.be (please mention your visa application number).


9. DNA blood sample collection fee (Kampala)

DNA blood sample collection fee payment at the Embassy in Kampala is 50.000/- Uganda Shillings per person (this is separate from the DNA test payments made by the family member  in Belgium).

Please make the necessary arrangement to cover this costs prior to coming to the embassy for your DNA appointment. An official receipt will be issued at the end of the process at the Embassy by the medical practitioner.